Support major property transaction complicated by subsurface oil and chemicals.


  • Conducted regional analysis on history of regulatory decision making
  • Completed forensic analysis to eliminate property as a source
  • Customized site specific endpoints
  • Performed regulatory negotiations and risk assessment
  • Assisted in buyer/seller agreement


  • LNAPL assessment
  • LNAPL recovery (solar belt skimmers)
  • LNAPL transmissivity analysis
  • LNAPL fingerprinting/forensics
  • Chemical compound ratio analysis
  • Calculating site specific cleanup levels

Commercial Buyer/Seller Agreement

Client: Real Estate Holdings Company, Philadelphia, PA

Brownfield Science & Technology, Inc. (BSTI) was retained to find solutions to adverse environmental conditions discovered during a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment. Metals, VOC’s, PAH’s and free phase petroleum (LNAPL) were identified in soil and groundwater interrupting the progress of a significant property transaction.

BSTI used forensic science and desktop research on the surrounding area to demonstrate that the chemical compounds and LNAPL discovered were from historic and/or offsite sources. To expedite the property transaction, BSTI negotiated practicable LNAPL recovery metrics with the PADEP for two monitoring wells and developed site-specific cleanup standards through risk modeling.

By demonstrating that on-site activities and infrastructure were not contributing to the contamination, and, that existing contamination was not a health concern, a buyer/seller agreement was reached and the property was sold.