Demonstrate the potential ongoing contaminated sediment transport from an impacted lake.


  • Performed sediment assessment along six-mile waterway
  • Completed river and lake sediment sampling
  • Identified sediment depositional features of various ages
  • Sampled core collection for metals and SVOC analysis
  • Collected and froze additional sample volumes and for forensic analysis


  • Small boat
  • Ekman grab sampler
  • Wildco hand corer
  • Ogeechee sediment sampler
  • Hand augers

Forensic Sediment Sampling

Client: Litigation Support, Philadelphia, PA

Brownfield Science & Technology, Inc. (BSTI) was hired to provide local knowledge and experienced field support for a fast-paced forensic investigation of sediment transport from a high profile environmental remediation site.

BSTI evaluated the history and existing data for the site then worked with the client and a consultant specializing in environmental forensic litigation to ensure that the scope of work and sampling plan was complete and practically implementable. BSTI planned access to eight areas on a six mile stretch of an urban waterway including four separate lakes.

BSTI then implemented the sampling plan during an intense multi-day field effort in order to meet the required project timeline. Sampling required field identification of recent and historic depositional areas and retrieval of representative sample materials from a variety of environments accessible only by foot or small boat. Samples were collected by a variety of methods, selected based on conditions in the field, including small dredges and various hand coring tools. Collection of samples for laboratory analysis was implemented with a high level of quality assurance and quality control exceeding standard EPA sediment sampling protocols.  A total of over 50 samples were collected from 24 separate locations within a three-day period.