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Since the 1980’s, Brownfield Science & Technology, Inc (BSTI) experts have been assisting the regulated community in New Jersey achieve and maintain environmental compliance

A lot has changed over the years, especially in 2009 when New Jersey adopted the Site Remediation Reform Act (SRRA). The SRRA caused major changes in the way contaminated sites are processed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), most notably the creation of the Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) requirement. A LSRP is a provate-sector environmental professional that is licensed by the State of New Jersey and hired by Responsible Parties to direct and oversee environmental investigations and remedial actions in NJ in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.

Although BSTI believes that the SRRA Program is a step forward for the NJDEP, we’ve witnessed situations where clients are frustrated by the appearance of a CONFLICT OF INTEREST. The LSRP is being paid by the RP to primarily administer the NJDEP rules and to a lesser degree to advocate for the client. Further, NOT ALL LSRP’s ARE CREATED EQUAL.

After many years of experiencing the LSRP – client relationship, BSTI has made the decision to deploy the LSRP as a “regular down the hall” and not Project Managers. And we strongly believe in selecting the right LSRP based on the particular needs of the project. This allows us to continue to advocate for our New Jersey clients while properly applying the rules of the SRRP.

Services that we provide include:

  • Funding/Grant Consulting
  • Site Assessments (PA/SI)
  • Baseline Ecological Evaluations
  • Horizontal/Vertical Delineations
  • Remedial Action Selection (RASR)
  • Directive Letter Response
  • Notice of Deficiency/Violation Response
  • Historic Fill Determination
  • Classification Exception Area (CEA)
  • Response Action Outcome (RAO) Letters
  • Receptor Evaluations
  • Remedial Investigations (RI)
  • Soil/Groundwater Sampling
  • Remedial Action Work Plans (RAW)
  • Administrative Consent Orders (ACO)
  • Remediation Trust Funds/Estimates


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