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Effort is important, but knowing where to make an effort makes all the difference!

Originally from Akron Ohio, I spent my summers living on the Portage Lakes chain and enjoying outdoor sports. During high school I spent summers working for landscaping and tree service companies where my love for the environment became my career. I decided to go into forestry, attending college at Glenville State College. My first job out of school enabled me to explore the country, providing water and natural gas leak detection services. I fell into the environmental services world when the leak detection company purchased the rights to Petro-Tite tank testing equipment.  In the 1980’s underground storage tank systems were found to be failing, which after many recommendations, led to to my long time career.

I have been working in the environmental consulting and remediation service industry for over 38 years focused on project management, sales and marketing involving consulting, remediation, land development and energy services. This experience involved regional sales as well as national account programs and project management, with projects involving real estate transfers and planning, environmental compliance, brownfield development, demolition, siting, permitting, remediation and construction services. Since the late 90’s several of these projects have been associated with the siting and permitting of new power generation and gas pipelines. Between 2008-2010 I was involved in starting the marketing program for the Marcellus gas expansion that involved environmental and engineering services offered in northern and western PA. The services provided to these industries included risk assessments, property acquisition/divestitures, subsurface investigation, and geotechnical engineering, development, permitting, demolition and remediation. Much of my experience in this field has involved helping clients to find cost effective ways to manage risk and address environmental issues related to property acquisition and development.

My hobbies include fishing and spending time with my wife Karen, our twins Rachael and Ryan and our first grandchild Luca. We own a home in Doylestown, PA which keeps me busy with upkeep. I would not have it any other way.

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