• Air Sparging
• Soil Vapor Extraction
• Vapor Mitigation
• Groundwater Pump and Treat
• Emerging Technologies
• Carbon and Resin Adsorption
• DNAPL / LNAPL Recovery
• Dual-phase Extraction
• Bio-augmentation
• Chemical Oxidation / Reduction
• Thermal and Catalytic Oxidation
• Mitigative Wetlands
• Phyto-remedies
• Wastewater Pre-treatment
• Remediation Exit Strategies

Problems Solved
• Treatment efficacy
• Organic / Inorganic fouling
• Process control reliability
• Excessive downtime
• In-situ oxidant dispersion
• Soil moisture uptake
• Treatment media fouling
• Discharge permit compliance
• Excessive energy costs
• Dead / stressed vegetation
• Diminished recovery / process flows
• Regulatory hurdles
• Recurring maintenance issues

Is your environmental remediation system performing up to your expectations?
Are you worried about maintaining compliance with permits?
Are you making measurable progress toward your remediation goals?

For most sites, a fixed fee of just $6,500 will provide you:

  • An in-person meeting with our remediation experts to ground-truth your
    expectations and remedial goals.
  • A thorough review of your system’s operational and performance data.
  • An on-site inspection of your treatment system.
  • An objective evaluation of your operational expenditures and life-cycle cost projections.
  • A written assessment of the current system operations and performance.
  • Actionable recommendations for cost savings and operational improvements to achieve your goals.
Contact Tony Finding at or (610) 593-5500 to learn more. Visit for more information about our other services.

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