BSTI Employee Spotlight: Garrett Mansfield


BSTI is proud to introduce Garrett Mansfield, a recently minted Geologist from Lafayette College and now a member of the BSTI family.

Garrett grew up in Northeastern Pennsylvania where he enjoyed all the outdoor hobbies and passions that rural Pennsylvania offers.

Garrett assimilated into BSTI’s culture and work flows immediately upon his arrival in July. He is off and running on project work and deepening our starting lineup of field geologists, scientists, biologists, and chemists.

From day one, Garrett has leaned in on every learning opportunity. He is always early, asks great questions, and is a true pleasure to have on our team.

Garrett had numerous employment choices and we are very happy that he chose BSTI as the place to pursue his passion for geology.

Welcome to the BSTI family Garrett!

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