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  • Planning for and Response to Catastrophic Events at Contaminated Sites

    New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection: Site Remediation and Waste Management Program – June 2016 Proper planning for catastrophic events can result in less significant impacts, including personal injuries/deaths, property damage, economic-production time losses, and resources dedicated to recovery efforts. Proper planning can also eliminate and/or reduce the unintended release of contaminants and impacts to… Read More

  • Growing Vulnerability: Facing Natural Hazard-Related Environmental Liability

      NJ Municipalities: Official Publication of the New Jersey State League of Municipalities – November 2015 Worsening natural hazards are resulting in increased environmental liability. This article discusses how local governments can take common sense steps to limit their risk. Link: PDF: Click here to open

  • Vulnerability Assessment of Hazardous Materials Installations in Coastal Delaware

    2014 This report presents an assessment of the vulnerability of hazardous materials installations in Delaware to sea level rise. Not publicly available. Please contact for more information. This publication is the combined effort of our BSTI people along with various other groups. Through collaboration, we are able to enrich the world with knowledge that… Read More

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