The best question’s will always get the best answers

We all have in our pockets a device that has instant access to nearly every piece of information

known to mankind. So why is it so hard for me to cut through the clutter and get a somewhat

applicable answer to a basic question? Geez, I just wanted advice on “growing tomatoes”

(308,000,000 search engine results).


So recently I found myself proclaiming that the information age should be renamed the “too

much information” age when my friend chimed in. 


He reminded me that “the person who asks the best question, gets the best answer.” 


This simple statement hit me like a tidal wave. 


My problem was me! When I find myself struggling to find a good enough answer, I most

certainly have not asked a good enough question.


“What are the optimal light conditions for growing indeterminate tomatoes indoors in the winter?”

(161,000 results and the first five are really good ones!)


This simple concept has fundamentally changed the way I think.


Consultants tend to boast that they have the right answers, but a truly valuable consultant

should also have the right questions.

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