Don’t let a moment of fear seize your journey

Growing up in Landenberg Pennsylvania, I always loved to be outside and active in any way I can. You could always find me snowboarding, wakeboarding, target shooting, biking, or just admiring the world around me. Any way that you can get me outside, I am all for it.

When I was young, my dad taught me to appreciate working with my hands, especially being able to maintain motors and equipment that were a part of my outdoor activities. I have always had a fascination with how things work, and I often challenge myself to build something from scratch. My earliest memories all seem to include wrenching on something in one way or another. Doing this from such a young age helped me develop the problem-solving skills that I rely on today.

Coming from a prior job in chemical manufacturing, it was extremely eye opening for me to see what happens when chemicals are not handled properly. That is why I find the work we do here at BSTI so satisfying. I see problems with the environment, and I get to be an important part of the solution.