Director of Special Projects


Growing up as part of a family owned business in Newark, Delaware my father taught me simply by his quiet example that there is no substitute for hard work or integrity. I lived the typical 60’s suburban kid life with bikes and roller skates and kickball in the street, but my best days were the summers I spent with family on acres of undeveloped land in North Carolina. Here I got to spend everyday in the woods building forts, catching crawdads in the creek and riding horses. This is what I felt all the world should be.

Those days made me decide to obtain a BS in Parks and Recreation Administration from the University of Delaware – once upon a time I thought I was going to be a park ranger. If I have learned nothing else in life its never make too firm a plan – real life tends to get in the way of those. My park ranger idea turned instead into historic gardening for museums, first Nemours Mansion and Gardens and then Hagley Museum. An internship with the Delaware General Assembly led me to a Master’s degree in Public Administration and a 30 year career with the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control; close as I ever got to park ranger. My life in that family owned business gave me a perspective as a government regulator that there must always be a balance between what is perfect and what is practical.

My joy in life has always been family. My late husband and I raised two daughters, now fully fledged adults, in Kemblesville, Pennsylvania. Life was a crazy merry go round of band, ballet, car pools, board games and vacations. I’m now looking to enjoy that ‘sweet spot’ in life where I can pursue the hobbies I enjoy – gardening, sailing, music concerts and theatre, and exploring new places with Kali the terrier – and try some new things like a stained glass class and a new volunteer gig that takes me back to my love of museums at the Marshall house and Steam Car Museum at Auburn Valley State Park. Life is always about learning to embrace the next blind turn.

Coming to BSTI has made life come full circle for me. From that 1960’s family owned business to the BSTI family. My role here is to bring 40+ years of work experience to improve the functionality of BSTI. I’m the person who loves to plan and organize to make everyone’s life easier. My motto is always ‘there is no problem to which there is not a solution, if you just look hard enough’.

M.P.A. Environmental Management University of Delaware, 1993
B.S., cum laude, Agriculture University of Delaware, 1981

US EPA, Office of Underground
Storage Tanks, Washington, DC
2-year rotational assignment
2016 – 2018

US EPA Team Excellence Award

 Award of Merit Outstanding Technical Professional
 Employee of the Year

Association of State and Territorial
Solid Waste Management Officials:
 Brownfields Focus Group
 Chair, Tanks Subcommittee
 Chair, State Fund/Financial
 Responsibility Task Force.

EPAR3 State Representative (2019-

National Association of State
Aboveground Storage Tank Programs,
Co-Chair (2014-2017)